Obstetrics and Prenatal Care in Dallas, Texas

Dr. Quanita Crable provides obstetrics and prenatal care in Dallas, TX. This includes obstetrical patients who are high risk and those who are interested in a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC). It’s normal to have questions and Dr. Crable and her friendly staff will be your partner throughout your pregnancy. Learn more about our obstetrical care services and schedule your appointment today.

Please see below for a listing of services we provide and if you have any questions about a service, or would like to schedule an appointment, please call Dr. Quanita Crable at (469) 364-3764

Prenatal Care & Testing Provided by Dr. Crable

Prenatal Resources

Pregnancy and Childbirth
Access our online Knowledgebase of topics related to pregnancy and childbirth.
calendar Obstetrical Calendar 
Visit our calendar to view what to expect throughout your pregnancy.
pill Safe Medications Chart 
Have a cold and wondering what you can take? Reference our online Safe Medications Chart.
View information about ultrasounds, what to expect, when they are given and more.