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The Best Exercises That Are Still Safe To Do While Pregnant

woman practicing pregnancy safe exercises

Moms-to-be have a lot in common. Besides that so-called “glow” everyone says you have, there are swollen ankles, constipation, aches and pains, bloating, and fatigue. Let’s not forget about the fact that you can’t get a good night’s sleep. Yeah, that too.

The good news is you can alleviate many of these typical complaints by partaking in a few exercises that are still 100% safe to do while pregnant.

Before You Begin An Exercise Regimen

Before embarking on a prenatal exercise regimen, consult with Dr. Quanita Crable. This will ensure you get the most out of any type of exercise you choose. You may have included exercise in your life prior to pregnancy just to maintain or lose weight. Now you have to consider both you and your baby.

The American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends 20 – 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day.

Benefits Of PreNatal Exercise

In general, most exercise is safe and has many benefits for you and your baby. Some of the biggest pros include the following:

  • It will keep your baby weight under control
  • Exercise reduces the risk of issues with gestational diabetes
  • Helps to soothe aches and pains
  • Improves mood and energy
  • Reduces the risk of preeclampsia (high blood pressure and water retention)
  • Aids with sleep and swollen ankles

Safe Prenatal Exercises

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga will help pregnant ladies to relax, stay flexible, and practice stretching. Yoga also encourages concentration on breathing and helps reduce or manage shortness of breath.

Your yoga routine can also come in handy when working through those contractions once it’s time.


Walking is a tried and true method to keep your body in shape. Expense is not much of an issue since walking costs nothing other than a good pair of walking shoes.

It is ideal to walk whenever you have the time, and nothing could be safer for you and your baby than a regular walking routine. Choose smooth surfaces to walk on in order to avoid impediments that could cause you to stumble or fall.

Water Aerobics and Swimming

Imagine for a minute that you are weightless! That’s the feeling you get while in water, so get into the pool to swim a couple of laps or participate in water aerobics.

Aquatic exercises work multiple muscles and will improve your body’s mobility. Find a prenatal water aerobic class for the best workout. You can also just take a few minutes to float around and relieve sore joints if you don’t feel like doing a full workout.

Never dive or jump into the pool. You should also be mindful to choose cool rather than hot water or saunas.

Prenatal Specific Pilates

Here is one where it’s best to find a trained prenatal instructor. These exercises will fortify your core and are safe to do in all trimesters. They should increase stamina and with pelvic floor exercises, will reduce urinary incontinence postpartum.

Lifting Weights

Yes, this is safe to do within limits. If you already practice weight lifting, just reduce the level and increase the repetitions.